Sunday, June 14, 2020

#778 OIC and Netsuite --> Custom fields revisited

This post again is mainly note for myself - however, others may also find it useful!

Here I detail how to create a new custom field in Netsuite.

This field will hold the ecological rating of the customer - one of the following values -
A, B, or C.

I create what is known in Netsuite as an Entity Field

I also created a new List Record to hold the valid values of A, B and C.

I apply this field to the Customer object.

Now to the Display settings -

Looks good - let's check out the result -

Great stuff, as we say in Eireann!

Now to accessing this via the Netsuite adapter.

First example is a Customer GET -

Response from query, based on internalID, is as follows - Note the format of EcoRating -

Second example is a Customer ADD -

Here is my simple integration -

Here is the mapper - I check for my custom field -

Here it is -

Here I need to set the listItemId.

From the GET response, we see the Id for A is 1.
B is 2, C is 3.

I put this logic into an OIC lookup -

I only map  fields - customer name and ecoRating.

Now Activate and Test -

Validate in Netsuite

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