Wednesday, June 3, 2020

#771 OIC --> embedding VB CS app in HCM

Very simple example here -

I create a simple Vacation App in my OIC - VB.

Step 1 - create the business object

I set the Security to enable anonymous access -

I create a simple vacation planning UI -

I now need to enable anonymous access in a couple of other places -


Now we go to Oracle HCM Cloud - firstly, I create a Sandbox -

Then I navigate - Configuration - Page Integration

Click on New Page -

Now to position this in the HCM UI -

Move this to another area of the HCM menu -

Next step of course is to ensure SSO with HCM -
For this to work one needs to configure your SaaS system to be federated with your OIC IDCS instance. Once done, all the services you can call will be available in the “service catalog”.
Thanks Angelo S.

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