Tuesday, July 23, 2019

#722 OIC - Salesforce Adapter - Perform Core or Utility Operations (ConvertLead)

SFDC Core and Utility Services are documented here

The OIC SFDC adapter supports a subset of these -

Convert Lead - Converts a Lead into an Account, Contact, or (optionally) an Opportunity.

Get Deleted - Retrieves the IDs of individual objects of the specified object that have been deleted since the specified time

Get Server Timestamp - Retrieves the current system timestamp (Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) time zone) from the API

Get Updated - Retrieves the list of individual records that have been updated (added or changed) within the given timespan for the specified object.
Use this for data replication applications to retrieve a set of IDs for objects of the specified object that have been created or updated within the specified timespan.

Get User Info - Retrieves personal information for the user associated with the current session, e.g. full name, email etc.

Merge - Combines up to 3 records of the same type into 1 record. The input is an array of MergeRequest elements, each of which specifies the records to combine e.g. merging contacts or leads.

Process - Submits an array of approval process instances for approval, or processes an array of approval process instances to be approved, rejected, or removed.

Send EmailImmediately sends an email message - counts against the daily email limit.

Undelete - Undeletes records from the Recycle Bin.
Details on the Recycle Bin here

Now to an example - 

Convert one of our Leads to an Account and Contact

Here is the OIC invoke configuration -

Here is the mapping -

The request includes the leadId of my contact, Jimmy.
convertedStatus has been hard-coded as follows -

The response mapping -

I have mapped accountId, contactId, success from Source to the Target fields.

I test via Postman -

I validate in SFDC -

Jimmy is now a Contact -

The Hare of the Dog Pub is now an Account -

Note also that an Opportunity has been created for this account.

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