Tuesday, July 23, 2019

#719 OIC - Salesforce Adapter - Querying data


Firstly, there are some pre--requisites that need to be fulfilled before OIC can interface with SFDC.

OIC leverages the SFDC enterprise wsdl to connect to SFDC.
First step is to login to SFDC and download this wsdl -

Save this file locally.

Create the SFDC Connection in OIC

I then add the user/password - that's it.

Now to a simple example...

Leveraging the SFDC Connection in OIC to Query Data

Here is a simple example where I query SFDC Leads.

Let's look at the options here -

Query -

Query is based on Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL)

Retrieve is based on object ID

Search -

Search leverages Salesforce Object  Search Language (SOSL)


For those new to it - akin to ROQL from Service Cloud.

Here is a simple example - first to my Lead in SFDC

Now to query Jimmy via the OIC SFDC adapter -

For those new to SOQL, note the query reference link -

Now to add a couple of more fields to the query -
A complete LEAD field list is available here


Now that I have Jimmy's Id I can leverage it to retrieve his data -

Simple stuff!

Search / SOSL

Note: 2 rows returned.

         The Hare of the Dog Pub
         Jimmy Keenahan
         Delphi Chemicals
         Tom James
         Working - Contacted

Well Jim is short for James.

SOSL docs can be found here 

OIC - Simple, Succinct = Success.

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