Thursday, November 13, 2014

#348 Installing API Catalog

Very simple -

download the required files from OTN.

1. Install XEDB

2. Install WebLogic Server. I installed to d:\work\envs\APICatalog\WLS

3. Install OER (API Catalog is contained within) - point to WLS install

java -jar oer_generic.jar

4. Download and apply RCU patch for OER 12c.

Apply the patch using the OPatch from /WLS.

5. Download and apply patch 18718889 for WebLogic

Apply the patch using the OPatch from /WLS.

6. Run RCU

    Ensure your XEDB is up and running.

rcu can be found in the /oracle_common/bin directory.

Set JAVA_HOME, if not already set.
then run rcu.

Click Ignore

Nearly there... here is the summary.

Click Create

7. Configure the WebLogic domain

Run config.cmd

Create a new domain

Set the password.

accept the defaults on the next screens.
Then click Create

8. Start the OAC server

  Login to the WebLogic console

start oac_server1 from the cmdline or from the console(after starting nodeManager)

9. Login to the OAC Server

login as admin/weblogic1

You will be prompted to change the password.

Simple Stuff!

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