Wednesday, November 12, 2014

#347 BPM 12c Clients --> Web Service Proxy testing

For 12c we can adopt the same modus operandi as 11g in respect of clients.
Please see my posts on 11g for more info -

Now I am trying to test a web service proxy on JDev 12c Quickstart.

Here is my simple order process -

I create the proxy based on the BPM process wsdl, which I picked up from em.

I then set the order values and test -

I get the following error -
SEVERE: .\config\jps-config.xml (The system cannot find the path specified)

This file is in the following directory (for my Quickstart install, I install WLS at 
D:\Work\envs\FMW12c\BPM\BPMdomain) -

I set this in my client as follows -
        System.setProperty("", "D:\\Work\\envs\\FMW12c\\BPM\\BPMdomain\\system12.\\DefaultDomain\\config\\fmwconfig\\jps-config.xml");

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