Friday, November 7, 2014

#345 The role of the Process Owner in a BPM process human task.

This is to answer the simple question, what can the process owner do in respect of approving task etc.

Here is my simple BPM process -

Here is the default Human Task definition -

Now to the docs, and on how they define the process owner role-

Acts on tasks belonging to the process but assigned to other users, 
in addition to his own end-user access...

Process owner - Typically a business analyst responsible for managing certain
types of approvals. These users can manage tasks for the processes they own,
define approval groups, and change approval policies...

So back to my simple example -

My process owner is defined as follows -

I also see this in bpm workspace (Admin tab)

I create a new instance of the process via em.

I log in to workspace as jcooper and see the task.

Here are the actions, available to jcooper.

I log in as wshake, the process owner - and do not see the task,
no matter which option I select.

Now I click on the link to a user view I just created - My Owner View

There is the task, assigned to the CSR role.
This is what I can do with it...

So here are the deltas -

CSR Role                                Process Owner
Approve                                   Approve
Reject                                       Reject
Reassign...                                Reassign...
Create Sub Task...                    Create Sub Task...
Escalate                                    Escalate                    
Suspend                                    Suspend
Start Task                                 Withdraw
Claim                                        Skip Current Assignment
Create To Do Task                 Claim

Now to the My Owner View

I created it as follows -

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