Thursday, August 21, 2014

#8 BPM 12c New Features --> Business Parameters

These are used for setting  business specific constants and can be overridden for an Organization Unit.
If there is no override value for Org Unit, the returned value will be the default value.

So how do these work?

Defining a Business Parameter

These are defined on the Organization Tab.

I have created the following org unit - Sales

Note: I associate this org unit with the project at deployment time.
User weblogic works in Sales

Using in a BPM Process

Now I want to use this constant in my process.

My input order is as follows -

Note: I have added a method to compute the end price.

I initialise a couple of variables in the Start activity.

I then SetSalesTax

The order is then approved, after which I execute the computePrice Activity.
This is a script task -

I then add this to the output message in the End activity-

Deploy / Test

Approve the order

View the trace -

5% Sales Tax has been applied.

Change Business Parameter in Composer

The value can be changed by logging in to BPM Workspace and clicking on the
Administration tab.

You will see the Business Parameter (referred to as Constant here), and you can amend it accordingly.

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