Monday, August 25, 2014

#12 BPM 12c New Features- Debugging

Let's debug the fault handling demo process, from the previous post - in that scenario
process A (callingProcess) called process B (calledProcess) via the Validate activity.

Here is the calling process


1. Set the breakpoints in the process -

I set these on the Start and End activities.

You can also set these at composite level -

2- Start the Debugger

You can accept the defaults -

Now you see this message -

HTTP Analyzer starts - here I can enter my test order data.

The debugging session starts -

Debugging is controlled by the following icons -

I click step into

I click step into again

Now control is passed to the BPM process -

I can also add breakpoints, whilst in the debugging session -

We can view incoming data, via the Data tab -

The process variables haven't been assigned, as yet.
I click step into

Debugging halts at the newly created breakpoint on the Validate activity -
Here I can view/change the payload.

I click step into again - control returns to the composite -

Here we are about to call the Order validation process.

Control now goes to the called Order validation process.

I have not set any breakpoints here - so I click -

Control returns to the calling process -

Simple, yet effective!

More info on the debugger itself in the JDev Guide available here

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