Friday, August 29, 2014

#16 BPM 12c New Features - Enhanced BAM Integration

Here is my demo process -

Here is my XSD -

The process is relatively simple -

We will add some business indicators to this process -

Counters: for 


Dimensions: for 



Measures: for 


These are now available for use in the BPM process -

I set the 2 dimensions in the SetVars activity to the incoming supplier and product values.

I deploy the app and then open BAM composer - I check out the data objects on the
Administrator tab.

2 data objects have been auto-created for my BAMBPMDemo App.

I now kick off a couple of instances of the process -
some will be auto-approved, others approved and some will be rejected.

Back in BAM, I check the contents of the data object - BAMBPMDemo Activity.

We can now click on the Designer link and create a dashboard -
The detailed steps are covered in a previous post

Add the 2 data objects to the project -

This DO contains process instance metrics -

Create a Dashboard -

Create a View -

I open the Query Editor - and create a new Query

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