Monday, August 25, 2014

#11 BPM 12c New Features --> Fault Handling/Fault Policy Editor in Studio

Here is a simple example that demonstrates use of the new policy editor , available with 12c - 

This simple process checks if an order value >= 1000, if not the error is thrown.

Here is the End (Error) activity definition -

I deploy this process.

I then call this process from another one, in a separate project.

I test the happy path with an order > 1000

I also test with an order < 1000

Now I add an error handler to the calling process.

I re-test with a value < 1000

The error path is not taken -

I now add a fault policy to the project.

The following file is generated and the policy editor is active.

I now change the Default Action as follows -

This directs the BPM engine to rethrow the fault to the BPM process,
So that it can be caught and processed there.

Re-deploy and re-test

Back in the policy editor, we can make this handling more specific i.e. just for this LowValue error -

Other fault handlers can also be added -

Here I add one to handle remoteFault -

Here I specify retry as the default action.

The number of retries is configured here -

I re-deploy the calling project.

I then shutdown the called project.

I then test the calling project.

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