Tuesday, December 31, 2013

#298 BAM and BPM part 4

Working with the same example - I now create a new BAM dashboard rendering of the Inventory data object to range gauge.
Create a new report in Active Studio -

Set the ranges as follows -


The result:

We will implement BAM calling BPM -
I create a simple BPM process called FraudAnalysis.

The input/output xsd is as follows -

Deploy and pick up the WSDL from EM.

In BAM Architect, add a new Data Object FraudulentOrder with the values from the xsd above.

Back in BAM - ActiveStudio

Add an action list to the page based on the order data object

Create an action to do an insert into the FraudulentOrder DataObject

Now in Architect, I create the Alert/Rule to call the web service when the FraudulentOrder DataObject changes.


Check in EM to validate that a new instance has been launched.

Launch another Fraud check from BAM - This time select multiple rows -

Check in EM

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