Monday, December 30, 2013

#296 BAM and BPM Part 2

In this post I create some dashboards for the BPM process.

I begin by adding a new data object  - MyOrder - to BAM.
This will contain the following info -
Customer name, Product, Quantity and order value (unit price * quantity)

Open BAM and click on the Architect button
Create a new sub folder and then a new data object in there

Create a new data object based on the Inventories DB table

Now go to JDev and augment the project with a BAM adapter.

Add a Service Task (UpdateBAM) to the process to leverage the BAM adapter.
Data Associations as follows -

Deploy and Test

Approve the order for Hans and review the trail in EM

No back to BAM - Click the active studio link to create a new report based on our 2
data objects

Choose the 2nd template -2 tiles

Tile 1 - Action List - based on MyOrders Data object
Tile 2 - Bar Chart - based on MyInventory data object

Click on the Active Viewer button in BAM and select the report we just created

execute the process again for a different customer

In the next post, I will create a rule to auto-reorder iPads once there are less than 10 in stock

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