Monday, December 30, 2013

#297 BAM and BPM Part 3

In this post, I add a rule to BAM to automatically re-order iPads, when the inventory is less than 10.

To begin with I create a web service to mimic the re-ordering.

I create the following class in JDeveloper and expose as a web service.

I deploy to my SOA AdminServer and test

Note the wsdl -

Now open BAM in Architect mode, add a new data objetc - LowInventory with one field - Product.

Now open BAM in Active Studio mode, open the report  -

Edit -

Double click on the Action List and click Change Report Properties

Add a new Action

Edit the mapping - setting product in LowInventory to the value of Product from the ActionList.

Save the report and run in Active Viewer

Check the lowInventory Data Object

It has one row -

Now we add a rule to call the web service when this happens.

Configure the Web Service


I enter an order for 5 iPads.
I approve the order.

I select the order and click Re-order Product in the BAM report

I check the WLS console for the web service output.


KingandCo said...

On Oracle BAM 11G there was an option for BAM Dashboards Poll Mode. Where is this feature on Oracle BAM12C or an equivalent setting?

Niall Commiskey said...

BAM includes a checkbox to turn a Business Query into a Continuous Query (self-updating)

KingandCo said...

Hi Nick

Thanks for this. I see that the option is not available for an external dataobject. Is this then the case?