Monday, December 30, 2013

#295 BAM and BPM part 1

In this post I cover the use of BAM OOTB for BPM process analysis.

I have the following simple process that processes an Order -

Here are the DB tables accessed in the process -

Here is the process -

Here is the composite -

I deploy and test and verify that all is working.

Now I start the BAM server.
For this post, I will be leveraging the Sample Monitor Express components.
These need to be installed. Follow the README.txt at -

Now we need to do the BAM adapter setup in the WLS console -

Open the BPM project preferences -

Change as follows -

Login to BAM - http://localhost:9001/OracleBAM/

Start a couple of instances of the process via EM -

Click on the BAM - Active Viewer button

Click - Select Report

Now let's add a counter to the process - to count the number of approval rejections.

re-deploy and create some new instances.
Reject one of them

In BAM, click on Process View and select the process

We see the current value of our counter

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