Thursday, October 12, 2023

#990 - OIC Projects - RBAC

Here I look at the OIC Monitoring Role in respect of Projects RBAC. To this end, I have created a new OCI user and assigned them the OIC Service Monitor role - 

The user has been assigned the ServiceMonitor role. I see the following, when I login to OIC - 

At this level, I can monitor all integration flows, outside of projects.

However, I also need to be able to monitor integrations in a project - AA-ERP-Project -

The project has the following RBAC permissions - 

I try to access this project as my ServiceMonitor user - Niall MacCumascaigh - 

I now allow the Niall MacCumascaigh user to monitor the project -

Now I can monitor - note, the Design and Deploy buttons are disabled -


The table stakes for monitoring projects flows is the ServiceMonitor role. This will also give the user the ability to monitor all flows outside of projects. 

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