Tuesday, October 10, 2023

#989 OIC 23.10 - OIC Events Enhancements

The 23.10 release includes the following enhancements - 

  • Ability to retain subscription on "subscriber" integration deactivation
  • Large Payload support

Retain Subscription

In 23.08 you see the following, when you click on deactivating a OIC Events "subscriber" integration - 

 As you can see from the initial screenshot, 23.10 allows me to retain the subscription. Let's check it out -

Here are my 2 integrations - pub & sub.

I run the publish integration - 

I check in Observability - 

I now deactivate the "sub" integration -

Note: I do NOT check the Delete event subscription box.

I now publish the new orders 3, 4 & 5.

Checking in Observability -> Subscriptions, I see 3 retained events -

Let's reactivate the "subscriber" integration - 

check in Observability --> Instances - the 3 orders have been processed -

This retention feature currently applies only to events created in 23.10 +.

Large Payload Support

The payload size limit for the event is now dependent on the limit of the inbound (trigger) adapter.  

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