Wednesday, June 7, 2023

#972 - OIC3 23.06 New Features - Observability Enhancements

OIC 23.06 includes some very compelling enhancements in respect of Observability - You can now view the total counts and the minimum (quickest), maximum (slowest), mean, and standard (largest) deviation execution times of integrations over a selected time period.

Here's a simple example - I'm checking out my integration AA-ProcessOrder - this synchronous integration is very simple, it includes a WAIT action (yet another new 23.06 - WAIT in sync flows) and a local invoke of a child integration. I include a wait field in the request payload, this allows me to vary the execution time. I execute 20+ requests, with the max wait time of 20 secs. 

Now to OIC Observability - note the new View statistics icon -

I can exclude/include metrics as required - 

Same applies to the percentile metrics - 

Naturally, I can also vary the timeframe - 

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