Tuesday, June 20, 2023

#972 OIC 3 23.06 New Features --> B2B

The OIC 23.06 release brings a couple of innovations to the B2B component. Let's check them out - 

Outbound Message Resubmission 

23.06 allows us to resubmit outbound B2B messages. Resubmission may be required for a couple of reasons, the main one being the initial outbound request failed. However, a trading partner may ask for the document to be resubmitted due to issues on their side. 

Resubmission can be done from the B2B Tracking page - 

Click on Wire messages - here I see one with a Transmission error. The new Resubmit icon is available on the right -



Support for B2B Standalone mode in OIC Projects

Specify File Name and Directory Name Values at Runtime

This applies to ftp outbound - now you can override the defaults you set in the FTP transport definition.

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