Monday, June 12, 2023

#971OIC3 23.06 New Features - Projects - RBAC and other new features

The OIC 23.06 release brings RBAC to Projects. RBAC = Resource Based Access Control, so now you can decide who can do what in your projects. This allows one to have different groups of integrators, working in the same OIC instance, with each group having their own slide of OIC. For example, I have 2 groups of integrators, those working primarily on Fusion ERP and those working on Fusion HCM. Each group gets their own project(s) and neither sees the artefacts of the other.

So let's take a simple example - I am an HCM integration developer and create a new project in OIC -

Note how I can immediately make this public, by checking the box.

This I do not do, as Onboarding is dealing with sensitive data and should only be accessible by HCM integration developers.

The project creator, is, by default, the project owner. As such she has the ability to define RBAC - 

Clicking on the Share icon opens the following dialogue - 

I can define -

  • Multiple Owners
  • Editors
  • Viewers
  • Monitors
All of the above will need to be OIC users. They are already stored in IDCS. Think of this now as a layer on top of that - e.g. I am a user with the OIC Service Developer role, but I'm also a member of a new IDCS group - HCM Service Editor.

Let's set the edit field - 


I set the others as well - 

And there's more to Projects in 23.06 - 

Project Cloning  

Project Lookups Cloning

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