Friday, April 30, 2021

#844 OIC May 21 Release - New Jira adapter


The Hare of the Dog Pub has adopted Jira to sort out the multifarious issues it faces serving its punters.

The plan is to offer a REST api to the Hare of the Dog's mobile app developers, that will enable them to produce a state of the art UI for the drinkers of Harmonstown. This will allow customers to raise bugs against the pub.

OIC May 21 comes with a Jira adapter - so let's test this out - 

First step is to generate an API token in Jira - 

Now to OIC...the api token will be used as password, when defining the Jira connection. 

Now to leveraging this connection in an integration - 

This is a REST triggered orchestration, with the following request payload - 

Here is the mapping - 

Now to a simple test -

Check in Jira - 

Here's the response returned by the integration -

id is 10008

key is CLEAN-2

Let's look at the other functionality supported by the adapter -

Assign Issue 

I need to map the user id from Jira to the accountId field - 

My user's Jira userid is - included in the url below - 

I just hard code this in the OIC mapper - naturally the issue id is available in the response from Create Issue -

Test and validate in Jira - Bug has been assigned to me -

Get Users

The key again is the user accountId, I map an test - 

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