Wednesday, April 14, 2021

#841 - OIC --> Oracle Hospitality - refreshing OAuth Token

A BIG THANK YOU to Devikiran G. for his support here!

Every OHIP request requires an OAuth token. 

In the previous posts on OHIP and OIC, I was hardcoding the token value in a Lookup -

Note the Authorisation entry - Bearer tokenValue

The token request is as follows - 

Authorisation is Basic Auth - Client_id/ Client_Secret

The response is in the following format - we are interested in the access_token. 

The curl representation is as follows -

So, essentially, I need to replicate this in OIC - 

I begin with the connection - 

URL is set to the OHIP host.

Username / Password set to Client_Id and Client_Secret.

The Integration is as follows - 

I get the token then update the lookup table via the OIC REST API - 

Now to the configuration of GetToken -

Note the Host custom header - will be set to OHIP host.

The Mapping is similar to the previous examples covered in the Oracle Hospitality Integration posts -

As you can see, I am hardcoding most of the values - these I could, of course, externalise to the lookup.

Now to configuring the updateLookup Invoke -

name will be set to the Lookup name.

The Mapping reflects the structure of the Lookup -

2 columns - name and value. Then the rows with the name value pairs.

Activate and test -

Here is the Lookup pre-test -

Lookup post-test - 

Sanity test of an api that leverages the lookup -

All that's needed now is to schedule the integration e.g. run every 30 minutes.

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