Tuesday, December 22, 2020

#820 - OIC Twilio Adapter - send SMS / WhatsApp from Oracle Integration

A very simple example of sending an SMS / WhatsApp from OIC via Twilio.

Before I begin...


Thanks to my colleague Pavan D. for providing me with the base .iar file and the impetus for writing this post.

Let's Go

First step - get a Twilio Trial account from twilio.com

Then get a trial number - this will be used to send messages.


Second Step - Gather data required for creating the Twilio connection in OIC

We will need the SID and Token -

Third Step - Create the Connection in OIC

Fourth Step - Create the Integration

REST Trigger - Request Payload - remember I am just sending an SMS -

so required fields are from number / to another / message

Rest Trigger - Response Payload -

Twilio Invoke Configuration - 

Mapping -

Deploy and Test - 

WhatsApp Setup

So, I've got a new number for WhatsApp.

I need to change my request payload as follows - 

essentially just adding whatsapp: as suffix to the from and to numbers.

I also add the following url - https://www.oracle.com/a/ocom/img/rh03-blockchain-hero-r1.png

This, which I enter as Attribute3, is mapped to the Target field - MediaUrl

Deploy and Test

I can also review the logs in Twilio -


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