Monday, December 14, 2020

#817 OIC --> EPM adapter setup

 I have been asked to look at this adapter by a colleague -

Apparently, there are not many posts out there on setting up this adapter for use with OIC.

The EPM adapter documentation is good, if you know EPM, which I don't.

So here are a couple of screenshots to help you find your way.

Let's begin with the instructions from the adapter docs - 



1 - Create a Connection -

2. Create an Integration for the Connection - 

Now on to the next set of instructions - 

3. Create a new Task Type

4. Create a Connection to Oracle Integration - 

Now let's test this out...

Create an EPM Connection in OIC -

Create an App Driven Integration in OIC -

Drop the EPM Connection as the Trigger -

Check out the following doc for a functional description of synchronizing opening and closing of financial periods across applications - the following doc

finally for this to work, you need to add the OIC CSF key to EPM via its/soa/composer

As per usual, this is a concatenation of Identity Domain and Service Instance.

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