Thursday, December 17, 2020

#818 OIC --> Insight --> embeddable Dashboards

A big thanks to my colleague Sandhya for her help here. 

Scenario here is very simple - I have a Visual Builder app that allows users to register their eCars, BMW i3's and the like. These registration requests are sent on to approvers who then say Ye or Ne.

Topping all of this off are a couple of Insight dashboards that give business users insight into what's going on in the business process.

Here is my simple VB app  - 

Here is the simple Process approval form -

Here is my simple Insight Console and a couple of its dashboards -

Now the dashboards look great, but my business execs don't want to have to login to OIC to see such.
Here's where the embeddable Insight dashboards come in. 

This is a November 20 release feature.

Here I will embed a couple of dashboards in a Visual Builder page.

A simple exercise, well explained in the Insight docs available here

Essentially I need to build an url that will include the dashboards I want to present on the external page.

These IDs are listed in the Console Manifest -

So I want to add the Milestone Summary and ECars by PLZ (Postal Code).
My url parameters are then as follows - 


I can try the url is a browser, just leave out the output=embed -

I try again with layout=2,2


Now to embed this in my Visual Builder page, via iFrame -

Code is simple - 

Drop a Flex Container onto the page - and then add the iFrame

Run the VB App -

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