Thursday, November 26, 2020

#815 OIC --> Netsuite to Object Storage

 simple use case here - customer wants to extract data from Netsuite and store it in Object Storage -

Step 1 is to create a bucket in object storage. This will be where the data will be stored.

My colleague Daniel T. has a great post describing how to do that here 
A big thanks to my colleague Ravi P. for the Object Storage setup.

Step 2- Create the REST connection to Object Storage Service in OIC.

Tenancy OCID can be found here -

User OCID can be found here - 

Private Key is what you uploaded to Object Storage Service

Fingerprint can be found here - 

Step 3 - Now to the Integration itself - 

I use the Netsuite adapter to get customers whose name include "Dublin" -

I have a lot of such.

I use the Search option in the wizard and configure the mapping as follows -

operator is set to "contains"

I loop over each customer returned and use the STAGE FILE action to write customer data (company name, date created) to a "nn.txt" file in the OIC VFS (Virtual File System)

Note I also assign the file reference to a variable. I can use this later when writing to object storage.

Once all customers have been processed - 

I use the Object Storage REST connection (StoreData) - configured as follows - 


Note the resource uri - 

Check out the full REST api doc for Object Storage Service here

Mapping is simple - I just pass the file reference from the variable - 

Step 4 - Test 

5 Dublin customers processed -

I validate the result in Object Storage -

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