Sunday, November 15, 2020

#810 OIC Nov 20 Release New Features - Insight

You can now map the following integration actions to your Insight model -

Throw New Fault, Log , Switch and Notification.

So here is an example of such - an Insight model of top of an Opportunity to Order scenario.

I will simplify this somewhat by implementing a REST Trigger based integration that creates a Sales Order in Netsuite.

Large Sales Orders (over 10k) are sent to a Process for human approval.

My Netsuite setup is as follows -

Note the internal id 3029

Note the customer internal id in the url - 19804

Note the currency internal id in the url - 4

I will use the following basic integration as a starting point -

As you can see - it works -

I validate the Sales Order in Netsuite -

So this is how it goes - the following integration is called from the CRM app - the request data containing opportunityId and the salient order fields - product, price, customer etc.

The logic is pretty simple -

Check if the order value is over €10k. 

If so - check if the amount is over €15k - then give a 10% discount.

In either case, this large order needs to be manually approved.

Probably the simplest approvals process ever, but you get the idea.

The process invokes the callback integration -


Again, very simple.

If the order as been approved then call the CreateSalesOrder integration .

If not, raise a BusinessFault.

Now that we have theses pieces in place, we can turn to the Insight model.

Now to mapping these to my integrations -

I map as follows -

I set the next 2 milestones in the "callback" integration -

Now to testing all of this -

I enter a large order - 

I check out my Insight Dashboard -

I approve the Order in Workspace -

I revisit the Insight Dashboard -

Tá sé sin ar fheabhas!

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