Saturday, February 1, 2020

#749 OIC Feature Flag - Data Stitch

Data Stitch action in Orchestration

Available to you as feature flag

Available from version -

All text in italics is from ORCL docs.

This is a new capability within the orchestration designer that enables customers to initialize and progressively update complex variables within integration flows. IT specialists can now use the "Global Variables" section of the designer to define new variables in the integration flow that can hold complex content and use the data stitch action to progressively populate and/or manipulate whole or parts of the document. You can simply drag and drop the "Data Stitch" action from the component palette into the canvas and graphically model the data assignments as an ordered sequence of statements to populate scalar or complex variables wholly or partially.  Designers can add multiple data stitch actions at various points in the integration flow to update existing or append new sections to previously declared and populated variables using data from various sources. 

Couldn't have said it better myself, net, net -
Data Stitch allows us to create and manipulate complex variables within an integration orchestration.

This was something missing in OIC, for those coming from SOA Suite/SOA CS.

Now to a simple example -

Data Stitch Example

I retrieve a customer file from Box, as follows -
Box adapter how to is here

Above screenshot shows the file format.

My integration will be REST based -
Request will be the folder_id required to locate my file on Box.

Response is as follows -

As you can see, the response is simply a subset of the data returned by ReadFile.

Global Variables 

Another new feature in OIC, here I create a Global variable to hold the customer data -

Note the new (x) icon above.

I set the variable to the type of CustomerList (the ReadFile response).

Note: you can include up to 20 Global Variables in an Orchestration.

Again, very similar to what we currently have in SOA Suite -

Data Stitch Action 

Now I map the response from the file read (CustomerList)
to this variable via the Data Stitch action -

Note the other Operations available -

Append essentially provides the same functionality as its pendant in SOA Suite -

Now back to OIC...

I can now leverage this in the mapping of the Integration response -

I deploy and test the integration -

Built-in OIC REST API Tester

Note the new built-in Tester for REST interfaces - this allows one to test on's integration from within OIC; this certainly saves me for having to open Postman, in order to do the same.

Net, net, OIC is going from strength to strength - so get onboard!

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