Monday, January 20, 2020

#748 - OIC Feature Flags --> New Connector for Box

Feature Flag - Box adapter (

In order to get the above data - I nee to create a new app in Box -

Login to Box Dev Console here

I create a new app of type - Custom App
and then select the Authentication Method below -

I also enter the redirect URI for OIC -

The format is as follows -


Now back to the connection for Box in OIC -

I click Provide Consent, I am then prompted to enter my OIC credentials.

I then see the following -

I click Grant access to Box

I return to the Box connection page in OIC and click Test/Save.

Upload a file to Box -

This is a csv file containing customer information -

I put this into a folder - Customers

I now create an integration that will leverage the Box connection.

I begin by getting the root folder - Box api requires a folder_id to be passed in this
request. The folder_id for the root folder is 0.

I now run the integration -

Response payload is as follows -

I run the integration again, this time using the id from the Customers folder.

Response is as follows -

Now let's download the file to OIC -

Note the file_id parameter.

Here is the Response -

I now use the Stage File action to read the file -

I run the integration - its Response -

Box Adapter in Detail

Now to some detail on the adapter itself -

The adapter leverages the Box apis under the hood - those apis are detailed

So what does the OIC Box adapter actually support -

Most of these are self-explanatory, except maybe -
Get Enterprise Templates

Box allows one to create Templates via its Admin Console; here's an example -

So let's try this out -

marker can be used for pagination
limit is the max number of templates to be returned per page.

I leave both of these blank - they are optional.

The result is as follows -

Watermarking protects your Box resources from being downloaded and used without your express permission.

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