Monday, January 20, 2020

#747 - OIC --> Using Visual Builder for Process Task Forms

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I already posted the basics of leveraging external forms in Process here

Also there are 2 blog posts on the topic of building a simple Process worklist app in VB.

post 1 - surfacing worklist in VB

post 2 completing worklist in VB

But now back to Process Task Forms in VB -

I have a simple scenario - Order Approvals -
The Order is as follows -

The Process is very basic -

Now to the VB form -

I create the relevant page variables and use them as follows -

Now back to Process -

I now configure the Approval Task as follows -

Choose New External UI -

Now add Parameters -

I do not need to add the taskId explicitly.

Create a new instance of the Process -

I enter the following -

Note, I have displayed the task id as READONLY

Now I need to add Approve/Reject buttons to the VB CS page.

Naturally, I then need to call Process to update the task accordingly.
Here is the example for APPROVE -

Note the taskId has been automatically passed to VB -

I set id to "APPROVE"

I then drop a Navigate Back onto the Action Chain

This will return me to the Workspace Task list, once I have approved the order.

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