Wednesday, February 27, 2019

#688 OIC for HCM - Data Extracts

This post is more a note for myself.
I need to demo HCM extract functionality via the OIC HCM adapter.

I have access to an HCM environment - but don't have an extract to play with.

So I do the following - export one of the preseeded Extracts - Worker - and then import under a new name.

Export -

Import -

The result -

Now I edit -

As you can see, I added Delivery options - specifying Output Type - Data - so as to avoid having to
specify a Report(BI/Report) / Template Name.

Note: Delivery Type is set to WebCenter Content.

I also set the Integration Name to NiallCWorker - this is what I will specify when accessing the extract in OIC. 

I then Submit the Report -

Then I create the integration in OIC that will pick up this output and send it to an FTP server.

getExtract is the Invoke of the HCM adapter - configured as follows -

The FTP Invoke is configured as follows -

I activate and test -

This file turned out to be ca. 175MB.
So I refined the extract to include changes only.

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