Wednesday, February 20, 2019

#686 OIC - VB CS for Oracle Field Service

Leading on from the previous posts - as we all know OIC is the Swiss army knife of Integration - helping you connect, extend and create apps.

Better than the Irish Army knife I had while serving my country in the  Fórsa Cosanta Áitiúil

So back to Visual Builder and how it can help us in respect of Oracle Field Service -

I begin by looking at the OFS REST apis, specifically the following -

I test this in Postman -

Now to VB CS - I create a Service Connection -

I cut and paste in the response from Postman -

I then test -

I now create a web app and edit the main page -

Simple logic here - enter an Activity Nr, then click the button and, quelle surprise, the activity details will appear.

I have defined a couple of page variables - these will be used in the call to the service connection -

I bind these to the page fields -

You get the idea!

Now to the event executed, when the button is clicked -

I assign the input/output parameters -

I test -

I can, of course, create a Service Connection, based on an Integration -

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