Tuesday, January 29, 2019

#680 Oracle Integration --> Consuming Fusion ERP REST Services

This post of a customer question - How can I easily create an invoice in ERP?

I checked out the Fusion ERP REST API documentation here

and found the following -

The request payload example was as follows -

I had to run a couple of reports in ERP to get valid values for -
1. Business Unit
2. Supplier
3. Supplier Site

Then I tested the REST call in Postman -

I then logged into Fusion ERP and looked for the invoice -

So far so good, now to OIC -
Here I create a REST connection to Fusion ERP

I then create a scheduled integration - read the invoice from an FTP server and
invoke the above.

that's it!

Naturally, I can also access these REST services via the Fusion ERP adapter in OIC.

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