Friday, January 25, 2019

#679 Oracle Integration for HCM - File upload

Here is an example of doing the above -

Now let's look at the actions here -

1. Schedule Trigger - no need to explain this.

2. ReadFile  from FTP -
here I read a file from my ftp server. This is a zip, containing the following .dat file in the following format -

The ReadFile is configured as follows -

UploadFile to HCM is configured as follows -

As you can see this is using the standard SOAP adapter to talk to UCM.

Now the mapping to UploadFile is interesting, to say the least.

Here is the source -

Here is the target -

Let's look at the 5 fields under Document -

The fields that the UCM SOAP service expects are described here -

Full doc -click here

I set the following -

The 5 Target fields are created by repeating field1 4 times.
Each field has the following structure -

the values of which are set as follows -

and so on...

dDocType is set to "Document"

dSecurityGroup is set to "FAFusionImportExport" again, as shown in the screenshot from the UCM doc above.

dDocAccount is set to "hcm$/dataloader$/import$"

primaryFile is set to the ReadFtp Response file name
e.g. FileReadResponse/ns2:ICSFile/ns2:Properties/ns2:filename

What happens now that we have the file in UCM?

We need to use the HCM adapter to import and load the data from UCM to HCM proper.

Now to the mapping -

I set the Target ContentId to


 and the Target Parameters to

That's it!

Here is my input .zip, containing my .dat file -

I submit a run -

I check in HCM -

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