Thursday, November 22, 2018

#668 OIC --> VB CS --> Service Connections. Triggering an Integration from VB CS

From the docs -

When you want to expose business objects from an external source in your visual application, you can add and manage connections to sources in the Service Connections pane of the Artifact Browser.

Ok, so this allows us to bring external functionality into VB CS.

The previous post showed my Organization Business Object.
I also have an Integration that creates Organizations in Service Cloud.
This Integration is exposed via REST -


Add Authentication -

add the body -

As you can see, The Hare of the Dog Public House already exists.

Now I can leverage this Service Connection in the app from the previous post -

I have added an Edit page to the app -

I will leverage the Service Connection from this page - but first I add a new field to my Organization Business Object -

Here is the Edit page -

I add a new Button - Create in Service Cloud

I create a new Event -

I select Call REST Endpoint -

I select the Service Connection -

Assign the Organization fields to the request body -

Test -

Monitor the Integration -

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