Thursday, November 22, 2018

#667 OIC --> Visual Builder Cloud Service --> Business Objects

VB CS, as you all probably know, enables one to create, publish and host mobile and web apps.

One uses Business Objects to define business data. These Business Objects and their data are then persisted in the underlying VB CS persistence store.
Access to the data, in my case below, Organizations, is via REST Services.
The REST APIs are used by the VB CS apps you create,
however, you can leverage them from without as well.

Recently, I had the opportunity to delve a bit deeper into Business Objects -

Business Rules

I hope the basic idea of Business Objects is clear from my previous posts on VB CS.
Essentially, I can define a business object then auto-magically generate Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete forms for the aforementioned.

Now to some of the extra value-add - The CountryCode field above is
defined as ReadOnly.

So where did the above CountryCodes come from?

Ok, the above is rather simplistic, but one can do much more complex processing -


Test in Postman -

Now to the POST Endpoint -

Role Based Security

Fine grained role based security is also available -

Import/Export Data

I can pre-populate my business objects -

I can also export in .csv format -

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