Thursday, September 27, 2018

#657 SSI - Custom Adapters in a matter of Minutes!

This is the killer feature of SSI -

the ability to create your own REST based adapters in a matter of minutes.

In this simple demo, I will create an adapter for the following Apiary based REST service.

The URL is as follows -

Note the Developer icon, which appears once you have the relevant role in SSI.

So I click on - Create a Cloud App Definition.

Here I enter a Postman like tester.
I copy and paste the request from my Apiary definition

I then click -

Looks good!

I then click Next

I click Next -

that's the Action created -

Note that the input/output schemas have been automatically created -

That's it!

Now to the Recipe - I will kick this off with a Timer -

Now to the Invoke of the ParkMyCarService

Ok, I did hard code the carRegistration !

Now I add a second Action to put the response in an email to myself.

That's it!

Now to testing -

I check my email -

A very simple example - but this is a huge value add.

Custom adapters to REST based apps in a matter of minutes!

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