Thursday, September 27, 2018

#656 Finishing off the VB CS Process Approval Scenario

Here is the finished product, so to speak.

Now back to the tasklist - Task with id 200014 is no longer displayed.

So now to what I have done -

Step 1 - create a Service Connection for the REST API to approve a task

Step 2 - create a page to display the task payload

Step 3 - create an action chain for Approve

Note: I call the REST Service to approve the task and then navigate back to the Task List page

Step 4 - Displaying the payload in the approvals page

I create a variable with app scope. This will hold the task id -

This is leveraged in the Action Chain for the Details button

This is how I pass the TaskID of the selected task to the Approvals page.

Step 4 - Pre-populate the Approvals page with the Payload data

I create page variables for the payload field values -

I set the Data values of the Page fields to these e.g. -

I create a new action chain for this page -

As you can see, I Call the REST API to get the Payload data from Process.
I then Assign the Payload field values to the page variables.

Now all I need to do is specify when this action chain should be executed -

That all there is to it!

THanks to Sid J. for his advice!

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