Thursday, September 6, 2018

#653 OIC Process & VB CS Part 3 - Starting a Process and Workspace

Here is my simple process -

The process has 2 start events -
1. Form driven
2. Message Driven

So I can kick off this process as follows -

Here is the form -

I submit the order and then go to Workspace -

So how can I do the same in Visual Builder CS?

Step 1 - create the order business object in VB CS

Step 2 - get access to the process in VB CS

Step 3 - create the order app.
Mine will be very simple -

Main Page - Display all orders

Note the 2 buttons - Create and Edit.

Create page will allow me to create new orders.

Edit page will allow me to edit an existing order.
Editing will include the ability to kick off an approval workflow.

I add a button - Approval and then configure the clicked event -

I drag across the Start Process Action -

and configure as follows -

All I need to do is map the input parameters - the salient one is

Let's Test -

Check in Process Workspace -

It doesn't get any easier than that!

Now to duplicating Workspace style functionality in VB CS -

So how did I create the above?

I created a  new page and dropped in a List Control.
I then clicked on Data -

The Result -

Now I change some of these labels -

I now add - Add Task Actions - this will allow me to Approve, Reject etc. from this

I test -

Great stuff!

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