Monday, May 23, 2016

#506 SOA --> JSON processing in BPEL

An excellent feature...

Here is a simple example in which I process a customer.

I start by creating a REST interface -

Now I create the BPEL process, based on this -

Edit the process -

Let's look at the process variables -

Now, if I want to address these within the process, I need to do so as -

e.g. process.inputVar.custName.

I can leverage the above in a simple assign as follows -

Note: I do not see any input structure in the ASSIGN activity.

So I need to add a suffix to outputVar.

Edit the above assignment - adding an attribute to the outputVar.

I deploy and test -

Now I add a JavaScript activity to the BPEL process -

Here I am referring to a new process variable v_response.
I need to define this.

Now let's use v_response to set the output.

Re-deploy and Re-test -

What if this BPEL process needs to call another process, for example, to validate the

Validate Customer is a simple process -

So how do I pass the JSON input to this process?

Again, edit the ASSIGN -

Simple stuff!

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