Tuesday, May 10, 2016

#501 IaaS --> Cloning Instances via Snapshots

According to the docs -

Instance snapshots provide an easy way to create a customized machine image using an existing instance as a template. You can then use this customized machine image to create multiple instances with identical configurations.

So how does this look in the UI?

Here I am looking at my JCS instance, from a previous blog post.

I click Create Snapshot.
I give it a name -

Now, I get an error -

This is because NDS (Nimbula Disk Service) is currently not supported.
We currently only support local boot disks (ephemeral).

So let's take another example - Here is another instance creation -

I now create the snapshot -

I can see this snapshot, when I view the instance -

Now, I can create an image based on this -

Now, I create the clone - based on this newly associated image

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