Tuesday, May 3, 2016

#498 Installing Puppet on IaaS

I download puppet enterprise from

I then copy the file across to my vm via pscp.

The format of the cmd is as follows -
pscp -i "C\yourPrivateKeyDirectory\yourPrivateKey.ppk" puppet-enterprise-2016.1.1-el-6-x86_64.tar.gz opc:YourVMIPAddress/yourTargetDirectory/yourTargetFile

Now I extract the tarball -

I now install - sudo ./puppet-enterprise-installer

I get the following message -

I create the following security application to open up port 3000 and
8140 -

Here is my Security List -

My Compute Service instance is added to this security list -

I now create the 2 security rules -

and similar for ncpuppet8140.

I point my browser to my https://MyVM:3000

Click Let's get started!

Then choose Monolithic

Get a cup of coffee or chamomile tea...


Now I install the puppet agent on another VM.
To do this, I ssh into the 2nd vm and enter the following -

curl -k https://YourPuppetMaster:8140/packages/current/install.bash | sudo bash

What this essentially does is the following -

- Set up an apt, yum, or zipper repo that refers back to the Puppet master
- Pull down and install the puppet-agent packages.
- Create a basic puppet.conf
- Kick off a Puppet run.

Before nodes with the Puppet agent component can fetch configurations or appear in the
console, an administrator needs to sign their certificate requests. This helps prevent unauthorized
nodes from intercepting sensitive configuration data.

Here I sent the cert request from the agent vm -

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