Tuesday, April 19, 2016

#492 IaaS - Communication between Instances


Many scenarios here, weblogic communicating with the database, for example.

I am going to make it even easier.
I will just create a second instance, as per the post #490.

Now I want to open communications between these 2 Oracle cloud instances.
I will open port 23 for tcp.

Step 1 is to create a new Security List

Step 2 is to add the Instance to the Security List

I do the same for VM1.
Here I create a new Security list - NiallC-VM-DB-Seclist

Step 3 is to create a Security Application, essentially opening port 23 for tcp

Step 4 is to create a Security Rule leveraging the above Security Application
and the 2 Security Lists

Testing via Telnet

I have installed telnet server on VM1

I have installed telnet client on VM, and, as you can see,
I can connect successfully.

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