Tuesday, April 19, 2016

#490 IaaS - Compute Cloud Service - Creating a simple Instance


In this post I detail the creation of a simple instance in Compute Cloud Service.

I view the details -

Note: The REST Endpoint.
This facilitates us in performing operations on an Oracle Compute Cloud Service resource by using
REST API calls.

The steps are essentially as follows -

1. Generate an SSH key pair on your local system.

2. Upload the SSH public key to your Oracle Compute Cloud Service.

3. Reserve a public IP address for your instance.

4. Create storage volumes to boot the instance from, or to store your data and

5. Create your instance, associate a public IP address with it, configure it for
SSH access, and attach the storage volumes that you created, if any.

6. Configure the instance for HTTP access.

Generate the key pair

I use putty for this -

Upload to Compute Service

Reserve a public IP Address

Create Storage Volumes

By default, Compute Cloud Service instances are set up to boot from a nonpersistent disk.
However, we can create a bootable storage volume and use this as a persistent boot disk.
That ensures any changes you make to the boot disk aren't lost even when you
delete the Compute Cloud Service instance.

Wait a couple of seconds...

Create the Instance

Wait a couple a seconds...

Now I can access this instance over ssh, once I have the private key.
I use Putty and set Autlogin user to opc

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