Friday, April 15, 2016

#488 ICS 16.2.1. FTP Adapter and Scheduler

Simple example leveraging the above -

Here are my in / out directories in my ftp server -

Here is the simple test -

File is picked up and written to out directory -

Here is the configuration of my ftp adapter - thanks Angelo for the
ftp server access.

Here is the Integration -

Here is the Read Configuration -

Here is the Write configuration -


Here I can define a schedule -

I can Pause the Schedule at any time -

Schedule is now active.
Pause the schedule when you need to temporarily prevent this integration from running.


Note, we see only the run - 1620394, actually processed a file.
I now click on the Run Id icon or the Message icon on the right.

I click on the File Name to see the actual instance.

Simple, yet very effective...

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