Monday, December 14, 2015

#462 BPM 12.2.1 on OTN --> new features

Software is downloadable from here

New features

1. ALTA look and Feel

Here is the em UI -

Here is the BPM Workspace UI -


Now I will approve the above task via the REST API -

I can validate this in workspace -

REST API Docs here

3. Reusable Interface Components

To quote the new features doc -

BPM Suite 12.2.1 includes user interface (UI) components that can be embedded in WebCenter Portal. These include Task List, where Portal users can access tasks assigned to them by BPM, and Application List, where Portal users can launch BPM applications for which they have been enabled. These BPM UIs can be imported as a Portal Resource Catalog, then embedded into any Portal page, and easily configured based on a set of most common parameters. 

You can find the new features overview here

Also please note -
You may need to set the following to get your ADF task forms to render in workspace.

Set the Host Name for your Human Workflow Components to localhost

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