Monday, December 7, 2015

#461 SOA CS vs SOA Suite on-Prem

Here are some of the essential differences -

1. Currently no shared storage with SOA CS
ergo. log files local to each vm.

This may also impinge on use of the file adapter in a clustered scenario.

2. Load balancing provided by Oracle Traffic Director.

Here you can configure external network access.

3. You cannot deploy directly from JDeveloper to SOA CS.
See my previous blog post for an example of deployment.
Essentially, a non-issue - but good to know!

4. With SOA CS, backups are done automatically for you.

5. With SOA CS, you can login to the SOA VM via ssh, my
previous post described how to do this.

6. The following SaaS cloud adapters are supported by SOA CS -

Oracle Eloqua Cloud adapter,
Oracle Sales Cloud adapter,
Oracle RightNow Cloud adapter,
Oracle HCM Cloud adapter,
Salesforce Cloud adapter.

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