Thursday, December 3, 2015

#458 Provisioning SOA Cloud Service

SOA Cloud Service Provisioning

I just created my SOA / Service Bus instance on SOA CS.
The process is simple and takes circa 1 to 2 hours.

The broad steps are as follows -

  • Create Public/private key pair - I used puttyGen for this.
  • Create Storage Containers for SOA and DB backup/recovery
  • Create Database Cloud Service instance for the SOA repository
  • Create SOA Service

Storage Service

You have 2 options here -
  1. Use the REST APIs provided
  2. Use a tool such as CloudBerry


You need to make 3 REST calls -
  1. get authorization token
  2. create SOA container (using the authorization token)
  3. create DB container (using the authorization token)
Here is the first call -

curl -v -s -X GET -H "X-Storage-User: Storage-yourIdentityDomain:yourUsername" -H "X-Storage-Pass: yourPassword"

Note the values of X-Auth-Token and X-Storage-Url in the response. These will be used when creating the SOA and DB containers.

The second and third calls -

curl -v -s -X PUT -H "X-Auth-Token: X-Auth-Token" X-Storage-Url/mySOAContainer

curl -v -s -X PUT -H "X-Auth-Token: X-Auth-Token" X-Storage-Url/myDBContainer

That's it for the storage service.

DB Cloud Service

I click the Create Service button.

You see above, I need to enter my public key.

I also need to enter the Cloud Storage Container details for DB backup etc.
It will be in the format Storage-yourIdentityDomain/myDBContainer

Here's one I created earlier -

SOA Cloud Service

I click Create Instance.

Again, I use the public key.
I also need to specify the storage container for mySOAContainer.

It will be in the format Storage-yourIdentityDomain/mySOAContainer.

And that's it - wait for the magic to happen.

Once configured, you can access the usual consoles -

Here is the em console -

I will cover deployment ot SOA CS in a future post.

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