Thursday, August 13, 2015

#433 Process Cloud Service - Application Roles & Admin role - who can do what during process execution

..and what they allow us to do...

I have covered the basic PCS roles, their rights and their responsibilities in an earlier post.
You can check it out here

Now to go into some more depth...
Here is my sample process -

You see the 2 app roles CSR and MGR.

 We also have the default roles -
Process Owner and Process Reviewer

Ok, so let's kick off an instance of the process...

jcooper logs in and clicks on the MySimpleOrderApp (MS) icon.

jcooper can leverage Tracking to follow the instances he has initiated -

What can the process owner see and do?

As you can see, he too sees a high level overview of issues with running instances of
which he is the process owner.

He can leverage Tracking to get process instance details -

He can take control - Approve/Reject the order etc., as well as Alter Flow.

What can the process reviewer see and do?

wshake logs in to Workspace and clicks on the Tracking tab -

He then filters by Reviewed by Me

As regarding the Approval task itself, all he can do is post a comment -

What can the admin user see and do?

The admin user, e.g. weblogic, sees the following information when she logs in
to Workspace -

As you can see, it is a high level overview of issues with running instances.

Clicking on the Alerted Tasks -

The admin opens the first alerted task to find out what went wrong -

She sees the task was assigned to an invalid user -

She can then re-assign -

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