Wednesday, August 5, 2015

#429 Process Cloud Service -> Decisions

Essentially we are talking about a simplified version of Oracle Business Rules here.
Yes, the rules you know and love from on-prem SOA and BPM.

To quote from the PCS docs -

Business rules enable you to automate policies, computations, reasoning, and task
assignment. Each rule has conditions (if statements) and actions (then statements).
Rules can be individual if/then statements or organized into spreadsheet-like decision
tables, in which rows represent conditions and actions, and columns match condition
values to action alternatives.

So what do we mean by Decision?

Again, the docs -

A decision is a container for if/then rules and decision tables that use the same input and output data objects. A decision exposes these data objects as a reusable service that multiple business processes can invoke.

So what does the Decision Design time UI look like?

As you can see, we have 4 tabs -

Rules - where you create your decision tables / If-Then Rules.
Note: no support here for Verbal Rules.

Value Sets - here you define lists of allowable values or ranges.

Globals - your variables, e.g.

Decision Properties - Again, to quote the PCS docs -

You can add a decision description, add decision-level actions, and view the input and
output data objects.

A decision level action could be something akin to the following -

Here I create the Rules output object.
Then all I need to do is modify it in my rule action(s).

Naturally, other actions are permissible -

If you are looking for a simple lab to try it out, then look no further -
just click here

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